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Kishor Munot
5 min readFeb 17, 2021


Product Development

Product development is a responsibility, as well as an art. The success of the product is divided into each member of that product. We will discuss this whole process in this blog.

I read in the news that some company is planning to launch a different product in the market soon. I thought that we should discuss this in the product development blog because in today’s date android store & iOS store has 2.6 million & 2.2 million application respectively and the count will increase in upcoming days, Is these applications are useful for the people and how many applications are making life smooth and beautiful? In my opinion, we should develop an application to help the work of peoples not for automation only.

Every product should be creative :- J.S.Thomasan

Everything in our life is a product because it develops, gets used, and then either ends or has an evolution. Sending a product to the next step by fulfilling your responsibility is product development.

In today’s time, many products are coming into the market but some of them get success, only a few products can compete in this competitive market. The success of products is dependent on everyone who is connected to the product.

The product owner is an important part of product development. He should know his product thoroughly, know that the product owner has the right customers for the product he is making, and also know when the right time should be for the product launch. These points are very much affected by the product indirectly.

The product owner or the person who is fully aware of the product being made is required to provide full information about the product to the project coordinator, as the product will be based on that information. If the product fails to attract customers in the future or fails for some reason, one of the main reasons may be that it does not meet the customer’s requirements.

The project coordinator from the team is the first to connect with product development. The project coordinator collects product information from the product owner to develop the product. The entire product development team discusses all the information received from the owner and then the basic requirements of the products are prepared. Winning or losing a match often depends on the partnership of both the product owner and the project coordinator. Once the requirements are determined the production process goes to the next i.e. design phase.

The designers in the team understand all the requirements of the product and create a perfect design. Designers also play an important role in product development because designers prioritize what the product will look like. Once the product design is complete, the project coordinator should send it to the project owner for approval. Product owners should be present at every stage so that product development does not go off track.

After design approval product development enters into the real environment means the development phase. Developers are a very important part of the product development process. The development phase is complete when the implementation is ready to start. Developers develop products with product design in mind. Sometimes it is difficult to coordinate when many developers need to work on a single product at the same time, but it is important to keep it in hand. While product development code review, code management should be done by the experienced product development member only.

After successful product development, the developer should give a demo to the product owner and take feedback about the product. If we apply the agile model in product development, the minimum requirements may change, but these things should be done only if the product owner officially says so.

After the complete development process, product development goes into the implementation phase and then into the testing phase. The implementation-Testing phase also holds much weightage in product development. The testing team test the application thoroughly and gives a green signal to the product. Most of the time, the testing team finds some bugs in the developed application. Testers find defects in the application with help of manual testing and sometimes if required they create an automation script for testing. Automated testing reduces testing time as well as testing time after fixing the defects in the product. After all the requirements, after design and development, the test team or test leader decides when the product will go to the next phase. After successful product development, testing the project coordinator should give a demo to the product owner and take feedback about the product.

Some things help to improve the product development process and complete the process on time.

  1. The project coordinator should collect some information about the product himself so that the discussion with the project owner about the product will be successful.
  2. Developers should write some unit test cases that help will help in the unit testing as well as fix the bug.
  3. Testers should be start testing from the Requirement phase, write test cases as per the design, and execute them once product development comes into the testing phase.
  4. A tester should take the help of automation in the testing, it will improve the quality of the product.
  5. Testers and developers should work together so that product development work saves time.

Now, after getting the green signal from the manufacturer, the product is going to hit the market, before the product comes to the market, the owner should clarify what is the best time to bring the product to the market, and the owner should give brief information about his product to his customers.

If this blog helps you to understand the whole process then you can give some claps to the blog and also you can share your feedback.

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